Using Kam Snaps

KAM snaps are a very quick and easy way to apply fasteners to a project.

They can made of a strong and durable type of plastic  or metal.

The requirements to make a Kam snap fastener are

. Kam Snap Hand held Pliers.(Hand held Pliers are fine for the plastic snaps and a table press for metal snaps)

. Kam snaps – either plastic or metal .

. Kam Dies – Dies are the pieces which hold the snap parts in place in the pliers and table press.  They come in different sizes to correspond with different sized Kam snaps/

. An Awl ( sharp tool for making holes in leather) or something sharp enough to make a small tidy hole


To fasten with Kam snaps. You need a set of snaps .

Each set has two halves.

One half has a cap with prong plus a ‘socket’ fitting.

The other half has a cap with prong plus a ‘stud’ fitting

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Example of how to attach Kam snaps on our Monkey Bib design


Using an Awl or sharp tool , make a small tidy hole completely through the fabric


Insert the prong of the cap through the hole you made and slip the ‘stud’ fitting on the prong on the other side.  Now with the pliers fit the press with the ‘Die’ over the cap and clamp down firmly , using a solid surface to help support the pliers while you clamp down with them.


Repeat with the other side of the fastener clamping the prong of the cap and the ‘socket’ fitting this time


Now you can enjoy your finished product with this easy to use fastening system.

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  1. I can’t tell you how many uninformative tutorials and videos I have watched trying to learn to use these. I am dyslexic and they are all like reading in Latin. You tutorial made it SO EASY! I have put off buying because I just didn’t another tool lying around. I now feel very confident that I can buy and will use. Thank you so much!!!

  2. Thank you fro the information. Very clear and concise explanations. Just need to source where to purchase it al lol

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