Happy Mother’s Day in 🇬🇧 UK- to celebrate 30% Off our entire Collection of Mugrug and Coasters in the hoop machine embroidery designs.

Machine embroidery designs Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers in the Uk 🇬🇧 on March 26th and to celebrate Mothers everywhere we are offering a 30% discount on our entire collection of Mugrug and Coaster in the hoop Machine Embroidery Designs.

Code : Mother

Valid: March 25-28th , 2017

one use per customer

Machine embroidery designs teacup mugrug

Mugrug and Coasters collection

Mugrugs and coasters

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Easter Competition- Win a $100 Sweet Pea gift voucher

Guess how many yummy Chocolate Easter eggs there are in the vase before Emma and Alyssa eat them all.

machine embroidery design, in the hoop Easter egg competition

click link below for your entry

 Sweet Pea Easter Egg competition


One entry and guess person

Winner will be the first correct answer drawn at close of competition

Judges decision will be final

Winner will be emailed and announced in this blog

 Competition starts…

4:00PM 24th March 2017 — and finishes 4:00PM 16th April 2017 (Pacific Time (US & Canada))
9:00AM 25th March 2017 —  and finishes 9:00AM 17th April 2017 (Brisbane)

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How to trim applique on your in the hoop machine embroidery project

A well trimmed applique can be the difference between a good project and a fantastic one.

machine embroidery, applique meaning

machine embroidery trim applique

Applique in your Sweet Pea project

The applique used in our Sweet Pea in the hoop projects differ to ‘pre cut’ applique where the applique piece/shape is cut out already then adhered to the project and the embroidery is done around it.

Applique in our Sweet Pea projects start out as a piece of fabric large enough to cover a placement line that is stitched onto the hooped fabric, batting and stabiliser. The applique fabric is then stitched down in place .Then the embroidery hoop is taken off the machine and the excess fabric is trimmed away close to the stitching line whilst still in the hoop.

How close do I trim my applique piece?

We recommend trimming 1-2 mm  away from the stitching. Any closer and you risk cutting the stitching or even worse the applique.

How far away you trim depends on the final stitching you will be using, if it is going to have a satin stitch around the applique you do want to trim close to the stitching so that the applique fabric does not show from under the satin stitching.

We do have some designs that require satin stitching and have a modern ‘doodle’ outline stitch. This stitch does not cover the raw edges of the applique piece and it is meant to fray a little. In this case careful precise trimming of the applique is not quite as important.

What scissors should I use?

machine embroidery applique scissors

This is a very personal choice and you may well end up with a drawer full of scissors before you find a pair that you feel very happy with.

We have many pairs of scissors and  there is always a different pair needed for that particularly tricky curve or corner.

Allison demonstrates a couple of our favorites in the following YouTube video.


Click image to watch YouTube video


machine embroidery design trim applique










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Sweet Pea Easter in the hoop sew-a-long

Our March Easter Sew-a-long  has now started and will run for 3 weeks…9 th to 31st March (Australian time)

machien embroidery design, sew-a-long

Our spring or Easter basket could also be made as a tote bag with different strap placement.  This basket has 6 different blocks included.  There is one for the bottom border and then 5 applique blocks with a cat, a wheelbarrow, a sheep, a watering can, a letter box with a bird and some butterflies . This design is an  ITH in the hoop machine embroidery design.  The bag requires 12 hoopings altogether.  The blocks are joined, and the lining is added with your sewing machine.

The design comes in three sizes – the 4×4, 5×5 and 6×6  hoops.  All sizes are included in your purchase. The bag is completely lined and has no raw seams.  The lining and borders are added with your sewing machine.

Finished sizes are:

4×4 – 20cm W (excluding the straps) x 30.5cm L x 13cm D (8″W x 12″L x 5″D)

5×5 – 23cm W (excluding the straps) x 37cm L x 13cm D (9”W x 14.5”L x 5”D)

6×6 – 28cm W (excluding the straps) x 46cm L x 13cm D (11″W x 18″L x 5″D)

Full photo instruction and directions are included with your purchase.

It is our intention to offer you the best service always and for our designs to be of the highest quality.

Designs come in all formats except art.  For eg pes, hus, sew, xxx, jef, vp3, vip, mit, dat, dst, exp etc

Instructions come in German and English.

If you wish to add a zipper closure to the top of the bag please see our blog article


or if you want to add pockets to the inside see our blog article


Instructions come in English and German

Join our March Easter sew-a-long Facebook group


The design is on our website:


To join this, sew-a-long we ask that you agree to stitch out the design New Life Easter Basket/bag within the 3 week time frame, and post a photo of your Sweet Pea in the Sweet Pea February Sew-a-long group and
NOT share the discount code nor file with ANYONE,
The design is usually $15 AUD and with a $5 AUD discount
This sew-a-long will cost $10 AUD. ( with code)

The sew-a-long discount code is available by joining our March Sew-a-long Facebook group ( the code will be in the ‘pinned post in that group)

Please enter the code at checkout. The file is an instant download from the website.


There is an instructional video on YouTube


We will be judging the best photos

For your photo to be eligible for judging, you must have followed the design.

Your finished project must be a basket/bag .

You can place the blocks anywhere you like, but you must use all the block designs.

You can use your own handles and place them wherever you like on the bag/basket, or you can leave them off completely.

You are allowed to add a verse or someone’s name or initials.

you are welcome to deviate from these rules but your photo will not be eligible for judging.

1st Prize x3 ….  2 FREE Sweet Pea designs of your choice PLUS 50% off your next Sweet Pea order
2nd Prize x3 ….. 1 Free Sweet Pea design of your choice PLUS 30% off your next Sweet Pea Order
3rd Prize x3 …..  1 Free Sweet Pea design of your choice PLUS 10 % off your next Sweet Pea Order

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Happy Valentine’s Day- machine embroidery designs made in the hoop- discount codes ( now expired)

machine embroidery designs in the hoop


Hawaiian hearts mugrug 5×7 6×10 and 7×12 in the hoop machine embroidery designs

This is a mugrug with lovely quilting detail for the 5×7, 6×10 and 7×12 hoops.

The mugrug requires only one hooping and it is completely finished requiring only a few centimetres of hand sewing to close where the mugrug is turned out the right way.

You have the choice of a raw edge applique or a satin stitch finish.

Discount code for this  5×7 6×10 and 7×12 Hawaiian Hearts Mugrug design is- haw50


machine embroidery in the hoop design


Discount code for 4×4 and 5×5 Hawaiian Hearts coasters is- haw4x4


Hawaiian heart coaster 4x4 5x5 in the hoop machine embroidery design.jpg

Sewing Kit 1 with redwork girl ITH in the 6×10 hoop

Cute little sewing kit, machine embroidery design to sew in the 6×10 hoop.

Very quick and easy to make.  Requires three hoopings  and is perfect for craft markets, gifts etc.  Full photo instructions are provided. The bag is finished in the hoop with a small 5cm section to hand sew.

Discount code for Sewing Kit #1 is-sew50

Sewing Kit #1 with redwork girl
machine embroidery in the hoop design


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February Sew-a-long, in the hoop, machine embroidery ( now finished)

It is love month @ Sweet Pea

so it is fitting that our sew-a-long project this month is our new release the “Heart Patchwork Bag”

machine embroidery design, in the hoop, patchwork

It is a fabulous handbag design ITH in the hoop machine embroidery design.

There are three different heart blocks with a beautiful applique design.  The blocks are included for the 4×4 and the 5×5 hoops.

The bag requires 22 hoopings and some sewing on your sewing machine to add the lining. The bag is completely lined and finished beautifully.

Instructions are included on how to add a shoulder strap.  The bag is closed with a Kam snap or Velcro and the button is decoration.

Finished sizes of the Heart Patchwork Purse are:

4×4= 28cm wide x 28cm high (11″ x 11″)

5×5= 37cm wide x 37cm high (15″ x 15″)

Full photo instruction and directions are included with your purchase.



It is our intention to offer you the best service always and for our designs to be the highest quality.

Join our sew-a-long Facebook group- click image below

machine embroidery designs  in the hoop


Great instructional YouTube video

Discount code available on this design for our Sew-a-long  Facebook members-

code is in ‘pinned post’ in the sew-a-long group

facebook symbol

How to use Kam Snaps for your sew-a-long project

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January Sew-a-long, in the hoop, machine embroidery “The Winners”

Fantastic sew-a-long group

What a wonderful group we have had for our January Sew-a-long. It is by far the largest group we have ever had at 3698 members. This group has only been assembled for 2 weeks and what a 2 weeks it has been. We picked a simple design in the Frangipani mugrug and we have been BLOWN away with the variety in all the stitch outs.

Thank you to everyone who has participated and posted a photo or many photos 🙂

Thank you to those who joined with the best intentions of finishing their mugrug in the allotted time of 2 weeks , we all know that things come up that way lay our best intentions and that is perfectly fine.

Thank you to everyone who have offered their support to those who have asked for help in the group.

and finally thank you all for your unwavering support of Sweet Pea 🌸🌸

We will be announcing all up and coming sew-a-longs in our Sweet Pea Facebook group  ( click on image below to join)


machine embroidery designs facebook group

Just some of the wonderful photos we have seen in the sew-a-long group

machine embroidery designs sew-a-long

machine embroidery designs sew-a-long


To view even more of the wonderful photos in our sew-a-long Facebook group

It is easy to view ALL the photos that have been posted in our sew-a-long group all in one place. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1800568673525992/

Please follow the directions below

if viewing on a desktop or laptop

machine embroidery designs sew-a-long

on a desktop or laptop


if viewing on a phone or tablet


The prizes


and the Winners are


machine embroidery designs sew-a-long winners


machine embroideryn the hoop frangipani mugrug










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