Sweet Pea’s April Sew-a-long. Abstract Flowers Sponsored by Marathon Threads Australia

Welcome to Sweet Pea’s April Sew-a-long

3 weeks…5th to 26nd April (Australian time)

To join this, sew-a-long we ask that you agree to stitch out the design Abstract Flowers Table Runner.
( or your version – see rules of eligibility below) within the 3-week time frame, and post a photo of your Abstract Flowers in the Sweet Pea April Sew-a-long group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/449801038718589/.

Abstract Flowers Table Runner 4x4 5x5in the hoop.jpg

See close-ups of the design here https://youtu.be/F1CUDWy40IA

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 3.07.32 pm.png

Do not share the discount code nor file with ANYONE, if you know someone who wants to join please send them here to join us to find the discount code to enter on the 5th of April https://www.facebook.com/groups/449801038718589/

The design is usually $13.50 USD and with a $3.50 USD discount. This sew-a-long will cost $10 USD.

To find out the code on the release date please visit this page and join the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/449801038718589/

The design will be on our website on April 5th

Please enter the code at checkout (find this if you join the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/449801038718589/). The file is an instant download from the website.

Your purchased files will include all file formats (except ART) and all instructions (in English and German for you to choose from) including fabric requirements.

We will be judging the best version of the Abstract Flowers Table Runner
For your project to be eligible for judging…

Your finished project must include all blocks. You could make the flag, a table runner, cushion/pillow, mug rug, quilt, tote or something else as long as …..

1. You can use the blocks any way you like as long as you use all the blocks from the Abstract Flowers

2. You cannot add any other applique or embroidery.

3. You are allowed to add a verse or someone’s name or initials.

4. You are allowed to embellish your project as long as the embellishment is not part of another designers design


The prizes are kindly sponsored by Marathon Threads Australia.

This is the Australian brand of the threads and they are the ones sponsoring the sew-a-long. However, if you live overseas Marathon Threads Australia have kindly agreed to send the prizes to people from all over the world.


1st Prize x3 ….

Marathon Threads 30 x 1000m/1,100yd cones of thread

and 2 FREE Sweet Pea designs of your choice PLUS 50% off your next Sweet Pea order

2nd Prize x3 …..

Marathon Threads 20 x 1000m/1,100yd cones of thread

And 1 Free Sweet Pea design of your

choice PLUS 30% off your next Sweet Pea Order

3rd Prize x3 …..

Marathon Threads 10 x 1000m/1,100yd cones of thread

1 Free Sweet Pea design of your choice PLUS 10 % off your next Sweet Pea Order

To read more about Marathon Threads visit their website.

Marathon Threads Website here.





  1. I really want to buy this designs..but I am slow of doing this to get it done before the competition entries cuz I just had surgery in my inner ear and my eye sight and head are off set balance but understand that I wont be in this competition…may I order it to make it when I am done…Please!

      • Ok can I go ahead order it now or soon while competition still going but not gonna be in competition at this point due of surgery …I plan on making this with other designer for my granddaughter’s Christmas gift…but I love this design and really want to make something for myself…too! TY and will order it

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