How to Redeem Australia Day Discount

In the Hoop (2)

Buy the G’day Mate Bag full price and get 50% off one of the Australian Animal Zipper Purses. This includes the Kookaburra Tablet Case, Kangaroo Zipper purse, Koala Zipper Purse and the Kookaburra Zipper Purse. Links to these products are below, just add the G’day mate tote bag and any one of the zipper purses to the cart and the discount will be applied at checkout. ONLY VALID FOR ONE ZIPPER PURSE.

Step 1: Add the G’day Mate bag to the cart.

Go to the G’day Mate Tote Bag product page:

Step 2: Go to the cart

Step 3: You should see a popup like this

Click on “add to cart” for the zipper purse you want to purchase for half-price.


STEP 3 if a pop up does not come up.

Go to the product page for the zipper purse you want to purchase and add to the cart. In the cart the discount will be applied to one zipper purse.

Kookaburra Tablet Case:
Kookaburra Tablet Case 6x10 7x12 in the hoop.jpg
Kangaroo Zipper Purse:
Koala Zipper Purse:
Kookaburra Zipper Purse:Kookaburra Zipper Purse 4x4 5x7 in the hoop

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