Mystery Medallion Quilt

Starting on the 10th of January at 10am Brisbane, Australia time. The Medallion BOM sew along quilt 4×4 5×5 6×6 and 7×7 in the hoop machine embroidery design. Each month a new row will be released! We have set up a Facebook sew along group for you to join if you want to follow along and see what everyone else is doing with this quilt design.


Medallion block 1 ad-01.pngThis is our very first Block of the month Medallion quilt.  (Will be released on the 10th of January)

Medallion Quilt Block 1 4x4 5x5 6x6 7x7 in the hoop.jpg

There will be 10 different rows (rings) to make including the centre block.  The rows (rings) after the centre will include a quilt block design and a corner block design.  A new row (ring) will be released each month and the idea is to follow along with us and make a row each month.  Eventually you will end up with a large quilt.  The finished size will depend on which size hoop you use and how many rows (rings) you decide to do.

Approx finished sizes if you do the 10 rows as shown are:

4×4 : 124cm (49″) square

5×5 : 175cm (69″) square

6×6:  204cm (80″)

7×7:  241cm (95″)

Some of the rows (rings) will be basically half the width of your hoop and you will be able to make two of the blocks in one hooping.  See the following diagrams.

The blocks are quilted in the hoop.

Full photo instructions and directions on how to sew the block are included with your purchase .

We have set up a Facebook sew along group for you to join if you want to follow along and see what everyone else is doing with this quilt design.

Instructions on how to add the borders, backing and binding to the BOM Medallion quilt will be included with the final row.

It is our intention to offer you the best service always and for our designs to be of the highest quality.
Designs come in all formats except art.  Bernina’s can use EXP.  Formats pes, hus, sew, xxx, jef, vp3, vip, mit, dat, dst, exp etc

SVG and FCM files are included for the Silhouette and Scan n Cut machines.

Instructions are included in English and German

Medallion quilt diagrams-01


This is a sample of a medallion quilt off Pinterest.  Ours will be different but the concept of doing the rows is the same.  You can use modern or traditional fabrics for your quilt.



  1. We are rapidly approaching the finale of the quilt. When will instructions for placing the backing be available?

  2. This will be my first BOM and my first large project from SWPea. I was very happy to find this explanation of things. I appreciate it that you are not only there to sell product, but to educate as well. Thank you. Looking forward to begin stitching.

    • There are only 7076 stitches per block for the first row, we can also provide you with split files if you do run into a road block with the stitch limit for any of the further blocks.

  3. I’ve just been looking at the dimensions of the planned blocks as per the diagrams above. I’m sorry but the maths don’t add up. A 4 x 4 block can’t finish at 4.75 inches. Is it supposed to be 3.75 inches?? If this is the case the finished size would be 48 inches. According to the other figures given, the 5 x 5 block will finish up at 65 inches, not 69, The 6 x 6 will be 79.6 inches (near enough) and the 7 x 7 will be 91 inches not 95. For someone trying to work out fabric quantities these figures matter. I notice that there seems to be lots of confusion over the fabric quantities. I’ve looked here because I wanted exact figures.Some verification needed please.

  4. Are all the mystery blocks designs going to stay on sweetpea for a later puchase as a design pack after the contest is over with. Or should I buy them as they are announced. I would do the contest but I don’t know if I can keep up on the time with my schedule.

    • How many colours you choose is really up to you! You can be as creative as you like.

      We include the fabric requirements in the instructions for the blocks as it will change depending on what size you are making.

  5. So do you mean that we make as many blocks (rings) as we want for each row? Or do the instructions make this more clear. Or are we literally making one block (Ring) per month?

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