Crewel Embroidery – made in the hoop on embroidery machine.

machine embroidery in the hoop crewel bird

Traditional methods

Crewel Embroidery is a traditional form of embroidery using wool. It was very popular in Britain in the 17th Century. Traditionally it is a free form type of embroidery that is stitched on a fabric stretched tautly on an hand held embroidery hoop.

Crewel  embroidery creates a raised, dimensional feel to the work and traditionally a tightly woven ,firm fabric would be used to support the weight of the stitching.

There are many beautiful embroidery stitches are used in crewelwork to create a textured and colourful effect some of which are

  • French knots
  • Seed stitches
  • Satin stitches
  • Stem and chain stitching.

Crewel embroidery was often seen in upholstery fabrics and curtains .


Modern techniques –

Still in the hoop but now on an embroidery machine.

Our ‘in the hoop’ technique still requires the fabric to be stretched taut in the embroidery hoop but now the embroidery machine can replicate the beautiful crewel stitching at the flick of a switch.


A beautiful embroidered Crewel design of a bird and flowers is on the bag.

This design is an  ITH in the hoop machine embroidery design.  The side and top borders and lining are added with your sewing machine.  Do not worry though, it is easy with our f ull photo instructions and directions which are included with your purchase.

The design comes in two sizes – the 5×7 and 6×10 hoops.  Both sizes are included in your purchase. The bag is completely lined and has no raw seams.

Finished sizes are:

5×7 – 30.5cm wide, 23cm high and 10cm deep (12” x 11” x 4”)

6×10 –  36cm wide, 32cm high and 10cm deep(14.5” x 13” x 4”)

Full photo instruction and directions are included with your purchase.


machine embroidery in the hoop crewel bird×7-6×10-in-the-hoop-machine-embroidery-design


  1. They always explain everything very well. The instructions in the designs is great and elaborate. I thank you very much for that.


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