Rewards program, including how to add your birth date details at

To earn rewards you first need to log into your account.  If you do not have one you will need to sign up.


To enter the rewards system click on the “Rewards” tab at the bottom of the website (making sure you are already logged in to your account):



To earn rewards:

Click on the Underlined reward you would like to earn.

Rewards List

Click on “on your birthday” and this screen will appear


After your birthday has been added this option will no longer appear under the Earn tab. On the day of your birthday you should receive 100 reward points which will occur automatically each year.

The rewards are:

redeem reward

To redeem awards click on the pink box saying “Redeem”, you will then receive a discount code which you can apply at the checkout.

Another way to earn points is to leave a review on products, you can only earn points this way once a week however. To leave a review on a product you can go to the product page and scroll down to the “Customer Reviews” section:

Customer Reviews

Please note that the Reward Program discount codes cannot be used in combination with another discount code or promotion!





    • On each product page if you scroll down you should find the “Customer Reviews” section, to leave a review just click on “Write a review”.

    • Hi Carol,

      The pink “Reward” tab should always be visible on our website ( however it won’t be visible within this blog page!
      If you are still unable to locate it on our website though we would recommend trying a different Internet Browsing program (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for example).

  1. I became a member right before my birthday but I didn’t know how to put in my birthday until just now. Does that mean I have to wait another year to get points for my birthday? Thanks Judy from Pennsylvania.

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