Halloween : Easy and Quick ‘ in the hoop’ Machine Embroidery designs

machine embroidery design in the hoop Halloween

Halloween is more than costumes and candy

In this modern world we live in, it is very easy to become complacent to tradition and merely accept the consumerism that is thrown at us.

Do we ever stop to question why we follow the traditions that we do?

Do we become outraged at the sight of Easter Eggs and hot Cross buns  on our supermarket shelves as soon as Christmas is over?

Here in Australia where Sweet Pea is based we don’t observe the tradition of Halloween, although our children are becoming more aware  and willing to embrace the chance to dress in costume and collect bucket loads of candy. In fact here in Australia we don’t celebrate the Fall / Autumn season as our friends particularly in the US do nor do we celebrate Thanksgiving, boring I know !

Halloween did not originate in America.

Although Halloween is probably celebrated the most in the USA it has it’s origins  on a completely different Continent.

Halloween has evolved from an ancient Celtic Festival in Ireland that paid homage to the end of the harvest and the beginning of Winter. This probably one reason why here in the Southern Hemisphere we don’t celebrate Halloween as much because we don’t have the cold Winters.

The Celts all those centuries ago also believed that this time between Fall/Autumn and Winter was a bridge to the world of the dead (hence the ghoulish costumes).  Halloween was a somber pagan ritual . The Celts believed that there were Spirits  that needed to be appeased in order to survive the coming Winter. So in order to appease these Beings offerings of food and drink were left outside for them. The people often dressed in costume to deliver these offerings.

So it is easy to understand how the tradition of Halloween has evolved into one of dressing in costume and delivering treats.

 Not just costumes and candy

Nowadays Halloween has become a time for socializing and keeping in the ‘spirit’ of Halloween many people now decorate their homes as well as dressing up in costume.

Sweet Pea has a wide range of Halloween themed machine embroidery designs which can be made quickly and easily in the hoop.


machine embroidery design in the hoop Halloween

What about a fun colour in Halloween themed mugrug. Perfect as a gift with or without candy. The boy and girl mugrugs come as a set and can be coloured in with the most ghoulish colours of permanent marking pens.



Halloween Boy and Girl Coloring In Mugrug Set

machine embroidery design in the hoop Halloween

   Halloween Quilt Video

( please click image below)


Spooky, creepy and kooky Bat Wings made in the hoop

A spooky set including a bat wing to attach to a hairclip or hairband and a set of bat wings to attach to your shoes. This is a machine embroidery design done ‘In The Hoop’.

The hair clip is made in the 4×4 hoop and the shoelace bat wings are made in the 5×7 hoop. The hair clip requires one hooping and the shoe lace bat wings require two hoopings. The bat wings get threaded onto your shoelaces to attach.

Perfect for your Halloween costume or dress up party.

Full photo instruction and directions are included with your purchase.

machine embroidery design in the hoop Halloween

Halloween Quilt


This beautiful Halloween quilt comes in four different sizes –  for the 5×5 6×6 7×7 and 8×8 hoops .  This is a machine embroidery design and both sizes are included in your purchase.

There are nine different applique blocks and one redwork blocks in this design.  The blocks are sewn in the hoop and then joined and backed with your sewing machine.

Instructions are provided to create your own quilt of any size.
Full photo instructions and directions on how to make the quilt are included with your purchase.


Other spooky Sweet Pea designs


Sweet Pea Halloween Collection      http://swpea.com/collections/halloween-in-the-hoop

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