Using Kam Snaps

Sweet Pea Machine Embroidery Designs

KAM snaps are a very quick and easy way to apply fasteners to a project.

They can made of a strong and durable type of plastic  or metal.

The requirements to make a Kam snap fastener are

. Kam Snap Hand held Pliers.(Hand held Pliers are fine for the plastic snaps and a table press for metal snaps)

. Kam snaps – either plastic or metal .

. Kam Dies – Dies are the pieces which hold the snap parts in place in the pliers and table press.  They come in different sizes to correspond with different sized Kam snaps/

. An Awl ( sharp tool for making holes in leather) or something sharp enough to make a small tidy hole

To fasten with Kam snaps. You need a set of snaps .

Each set has two halves.

One half has a cap with prong plus a ‘socket’ fitting.


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