2016 Sweet Pea Christmas Sew-a-long Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first ever Christmas Sew-a-Long.

We are blown away by the interest in this sew-a-long and have loved the enthusiasm everyone has shown.

We will be having regular sew-a-longs as we believe it is a fantastic way for people who have never been brave enough to try this new technique of ‘in the hoop’ machine embroidery.

Here in Australia we have a saying ” have a go” and it is this motto that should inspire everyone to try something new, to step away from traditional techniques and embrace new and fresh ideas. These sew-a-longs are a wonderful place to be able to express your creativity even within the guidelines of a set design. They are wonderful because they encourage everyone ,even the shy to step up and show their work and be proud of their efforts and applaud everyone’s work.

So it is without further a do that we are proud to announce the winners of this amazing sew-a-long.

The Prizes

2 x 1st Prizes …..  2 FREE Sweet Pea designs of your choice PLUS 50% off your next Sweet Pea order

2x  2nd Prizes ….. 1 Free Sweet Pea design of your choice PLUS 30% off your next Sweet Pea Order

2x  3rd Prizes …..  1 Free Sweet Pea design of your choice PLUS 10 % off your next Sweet Pea Order

The Winners are




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2016 Sweet Pea Christmas sew-a-long “Santa’s Cookies Placemat”





  1. There were so many lovely entries. It must have been hard to pick! Love the winners choices of fabric and style. Great job with the photo presentation of the winners!

  2. You had a very difficult job to do,congratulations to the winners, i loved the sew-a-long it was lots of fun, i will definatly join the next one. 😀😀😀

  3. This was so fun and I will definitely join more of them. It is fun to see how everyone interprets the pattern to make it their own. Love seeing all the different fabrics that were use. Thank you so much for doing these and the time I know it must take to pick winners as there are so many beautiful ones.

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