Quick and Easy Christmas Machine Embroidery Designs made ‘in the hoop’

In a blink of an eye Christmas 2016 will be upon us. If you haven’t already started thinking about decorations for your home or even some lovely personalised Christmas gifts ,Sweet Pea’s range of Machine Embroidery Designs will make your life so much easier.

Who wants to be bothered with the long queues of Christmas shoppers all there sorting through the same ole same Christmas ornaments? How many times do we have that ‘oh well this will do’ sigh when we select Christmas gifts for our near and dearest?

I know myself that every year I will make the vow full of determination and conviction that I will ‘start early’ next year and never put myself into this situation of resignation and despair again. Of course I never do, life has that annoying habit of throwing the unplanned in our way and the wonderful vows that I made standing in those Christmas store queues are long forgotten and once more I am on the path to a frantic last minute Christmas shop somewhere in mid December.

If you are like me and you can see a frantic mad rush ahead for you sometime in December why not take a few minutes to watch our Christmas design video and see just a small handful of our quick and easy Machine Embroidery Designs all made ‘in the hoop’.

Quick and easy

Not only are our Machine Embroidery Designs quick and easy to do they also are  a fantastic way to use a lot of of your Christmas fabric scraps which I am sure you have been accruing over the years.

Personalised Christmas Gifts

Ever had a feeling of gift overload ? After all that mad rushing around making difficult decisions on what to buy everyone, by the time that Christmas actually arrives I am pretty much over gifts .

Before you all go thinking what a Scrooge I am let me explain, I love gift giving and particularly at Christmas. I think it is just the lack of meaningful options that I find in the stores . It becomes a case of Groundhog Day with me frantically trying to find something that reflects the personality of the person I am giving the gift to. I find myself  more often than not end up selecting something only halfway suitable and not feeling very happy about it all.

One solution is making your own Christmas gifts with our Machine Embroidery Designs . They don’t have to be an elaborate design . I think when a gift is personalised size definitely does not matter.

The old saying ‘it is the thought that counts’ is a mantra that I think we should all adopt at Christmas.  It is the thought that goes into considering what the gift recipient likes, what their interests are, how they reflect themselves in their own home decor , their favourite colour ,the list is endless . It is the love that you stitch into the gift, the time you spend thinking about that person whilst you make the gift.


Family Heirlooms

Christmas ornaments and Christmas home decor items are often something that we keep for years . These Christmas ornaments and decor items often hold special meaning to us as they were part of our Family celebrations .

Just bringing these Christmas ornaments and decor items out every year can evoke wonderful memories of happy times spend together with our nearest and dearest.

How special would it be if these Christmas ornaments and decor items that we hold so dear could be made by ourselves . These items would be made with love and even hold more significance.


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machine embroidery, machine embroidery designs, in the hoop, Christmas, Bunting
Cottage and Christmas tree bunting
machine embroidery design, machine embroidery, in the hoop, Christmas, Mylar
Mylar Christmas baubles
Santa Christmas stocking
Christmas tree table runner


machine embroidery design, in the hoop, Christmas, applique, quilt
Snowflake coaster/mugrug
Christmas cuties table runner


machine embroidery design, in the hoop, Christmas, applique, quilt
Holly cutlery holder


machine embroidery design, in the hoop, Christmas, applique, quilt
Holly cutlery holder


machine embroidery design, in the hoop, Christmas, applique, quilt
Holly table runner



Merry Christmas mugrug









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