Learn machine embroidery, in the hoop

Today, modern embroidery machines  have a hooping or framing system that holds the framed area of fabric taut .This frame moves automatically to create a design from a pre-programmed digital embroidery pattern.This technique is called ‘in the hoop’ machine embroidery.

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Hooped Stabilizer
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Machine Embroidery In The Hoop


Technology vs tradition

Sweet Pea has taken this wonderful technology and created whole projects/ articles that can be produced in their entirety in this frame/hoop. Other Sweet Pea designs require the panels that are produced in the hoop to be assembled on a regular sewing machine.

Any part of a traditional quilt block can be reproduced in the hoop of an embroidery machine. All the techniques such as applique, patchwork, embroidery and quilting can all be programmed into the embroidery machine and then created in the hoop.

Whilst our intention is to never replace traditional quilting with machine embroidery we do believe that the in the hoop technique of machine embroidery is a very useful tool in producing relatively quick projects with a lot more ease.

Traditional Cathedral Windows Design made with Modern Sweet Pea In The Hoop Technique.


Wonderful results come from detailed instructions

All of our designs are available as a digital download from our website and they come with very comprehensive ,illustrated instructions. Our designs are professionally digitized and are all tested before release.

We have now produced and uploaded instructional video to You Tube. In this 2 part video we teach you how to make our very popular Pumpkin Mugrug.

Sweet Pea’s Pumpkin Mugrug Design



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