History of Jane Stickle’s “Dear Jane” Quilt.

What is the Dear Jane Quilt?

Jane A. Stickle started creating the quilt during the civil war, completed over 169 blocks in 1863. The sampler quilt comprised of ‘169 square blocks. 4 pieced corner triangles, 52 pieced border triangles and a unique scalloped border, altogether the original quilt contained a total of 5,602 pieces in the quilt this is why the quilt has been a well known and much loved masterpiece’.

The Dear Jane Quilt

History of Jane Stickle

 Jane Stickle was born in Shaftsbury, Vermont in 1817 and later married Walter Stickle sometime before 1850. Stickle did not have any children of her own, but she looked after at least three children in her neighbourhood. In the 1860’s Jane Stickle was 43 and living on a farm alone. In this time Jane was creating the Dear Jane Quilt. She lovingly created the quilt as a ‘reminder of the turbulent times the country was going through at the time, Jane Stickle carefully embroidered the words “in War Time 1863” into the quilt’.

Although there is little information found on Jane Stickle the only information people have found is through census at the time. Jane was well educated which is proved by her impressive needlework and creativity using geometry. Jane also won an award for her quilt at the Bennington County Fair in late September 1863 “Mrs W. P. Stickles for Best Patched Quilt”. Its no wonder Jane won the award with her unique design with each patch being unique. 150 years later and people are still recreating the historic quilt with their own adaptions and creations using bold, bright and exciting colours and layouts.

The original Dear Jane Quilt is on display at the Bennington Museum in Vermont and people all over the world travel to see this quilting masterpiece.


The Dear Allison Quilt

The breathtaking designs inspired Sweet Pea’s designer Allison Nash to create our very own Sweet Pea version of the quilt perfect for our machine embroidery lovers. These quilt block designs are perfect to create your very own Dear Allison quilt using all the different unique designs in your own way. Even better these designs can be purchased and multiplied to create many different designs including table runners, mug rugs, bags, cushions and the options are endless.

Sweet Pea’s very own ‘Dear Allison Quilt’

Blocks 1-25  of the Dear Allison are available here to ‘catch up”

 or each separate design can be found on http://swpea.com/


Block Set 1-25



Blocks 26-50  of the Dear Allison are available here to ‘catch up”

 or each separate design can be found on http://swpea.com/



Block Set 26-50

Blocks 51-75  of the Dear Allison are available here to ‘catch up”

 or each separate design can be found on http://swpea.com/

machine embroidery design in the hoop bulk set
Block Set 51-75



Some lovely designs created by our customers:

machine embroidery, machine embroidery designs, in the hoop, quilt, quilting, sewing
made by Erica Clegg using Dear Allison Block #17


machine embroidery, machine embroidery designs, in the hoop, quilt, quilting, sewing
made by Fran Pepin using Dear Allison Quilt Blocks (coloured blocks only)


machine embroidery, machine embroidery designs, in the hoop, quilt, quilting, sewing
made by Sandra Eggett



machine embroidery, machine embroidery designs, in the hoop, quilt, quilting, sewing
made by Rosemarie Ann Fisher

Dear Allison Quilt Blocks available singularly or in ‘catch up’  bulk sets




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Learn machine embroidery, in the hoop

Today, modern embroidery machines  have a hooping or framing system that holds the framed area of fabric taut .This frame moves automatically to create a design from a pre-programmed digital embroidery pattern.This technique is called ‘in the hoop’ machine embroidery.

blog machine embroidery tools checklist applique stabilizer
Hooped Stabilizer
alyssa at machine
Machine Embroidery In The Hoop


Technology vs tradition

Sweet Pea has taken this wonderful technology and created whole projects/ articles that can be produced in their entirety in this frame/hoop. Other Sweet Pea designs require the panels that are produced in the hoop to be assembled on a regular sewing machine.

Any part of a traditional quilt block can be reproduced in the hoop of an embroidery machine. All the techniques such as applique, patchwork, embroidery and quilting can all be programmed into the embroidery machine and then created in the hoop.

Whilst our intention is to never replace traditional quilting with machine embroidery we do believe that the in the hoop technique of machine embroidery is a very useful tool in producing relatively quick projects with a lot more ease.

Traditional Cathedral Windows Design made with Modern Sweet Pea In The Hoop Technique.


Wonderful results come from detailed instructions

All of our designs are available as a digital download from our website and they come with very comprehensive ,illustrated instructions. Our designs are professionally digitized and are all tested before release.

We have now produced and uploaded instructional video to You Tube. In this 2 part video we teach you how to make our very popular Pumpkin Mugrug.

Sweet Pea’s Pumpkin Mugrug Design



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Dresden Plate Quilt …in modern ‘in the hoop’ machine embroidery.

History of the Dresden Plate Quilt

What is the Dresden Plate?

The Dresden plate is blocks of fabric appliqued into a radiating petal pattern, representing a beautiful flower. As more representative of a flower rather than a plate there is also other names including Aster, Dahlia, Sunflower, Friendship Ring and Grandmother’s Sunburst.  There are many different modern versions of the Dresden plate quilt today that have been adapted from the popular designs created in the 1920’s and 30’s.


History of the Dresden Plate

The Dresden Plate Quilt was named after Dresden, Germany the center of 19th century romanticism movement of art.  This movement featured fine decorations of porcelain plates embellished with designs including flowers, fruit and foliage.


Women admired this quilt in the 20th century due to its simple but unique technique that could use the smallest of scrap fabrics.  As fabric was becoming scarce in the 1920’s and 30’s women would use any spare fabrics they could find including pretty old hankies, aprons and old tablecloths.

In this era women would also call the quilt a “feedsack quilt” as many were created using old sacks formally holding grains. Many women would trade their sacks with other for the perfect colours and patterns to create a beautiful and colourful quilt.

Dresden quilts would eventually become treasured family heirlooms as they used many different spare fabrics that women would find.


Earlier History

Before the 20th century there was a few different versions of the Dresden plate. The closest representation was found in earlier versions of the Victorian Crazy Quilt.  The Victorian crazy quilt was a design using old scraps similar to the Dresden quilt. There was one even earlier version of this medallion style quilt found in the “ANNA TUELS HER BED QUILT GIVEN TO HER BY HER MOTHER IN THE YEAR AU 23. 1785”. However the Dresden plate wasn’t seen again till the latter part of the 19th century.


The Dresden Quilt today


Modern Adaptions using bold and bright modern fabrics and technique has seen the Dresden Plate quilt become one of the most popular designs in the past few years. There has been a modern take on the original design by creating a second flower in the center of the original Dresden flower.

dresden-blog-3                                                          Dresden Table runner By Sweet Pea


dresden-blog-4                                                               Dresden Cushion By Sweet Pea


The Dresden plate has a significant part in quilting history due to the beautiful round shape using on the smallest amount of scraps.

Join quilting history and grab some of your own fabric scraps and create a composed and stunning design either a quilt, cushion, table runner, handbag, mugrug or more, the options are endless.

Here are some photos that our lovely Sweet Pea customers have created using the following in  Sweet Pea ‘in the hoop’ machine designs


Dresden “Sweet as Sugar” cushion and quilt block

dresden-blog-5-jpg                                                                         By Sharron Neuman

dresden-blog-6-jpg-png                                                             By Lynette Lanning Blair

 Dresden table runner

dresden-blog-7-jpg-png                                                                          By Sue Haugerud

 Half dresden plate mugrug

dresden-blog-8-jpg-png                                                                       By Heather Munro

dresden-blog-9-jpg-png-jpg                                                               By Friederike Seiler-Schulz

Dresden handbag


By Dawn Thompson Hockgeiger

This is the link to our Dresden Design Collection… http://swpea.com/search?q=dresden

The Spooky designs of Sweet Pea .. in the hoop, Machine Embroidery.

bat block

Based on true events…

Every neighborhood has a house….     different from the rest……

Sweet Pea machine embroidery designs ” Halloween” Collection    http://swpea.com/search?q=halloween


“Drunkard’s Path” quilt – machine embroidery ‘in the hoop’

Sweet Pea’s “Drunkard’s Path” quilt design


Such an odd name to give to a very beautiful quilt design.  Our “Drunkard’s Path ” quilt design may have an ugly name but it has a very interesting origin.

Ugly name…. important past

This quilt like many others has a history behind it.

The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) was founded in November 1874 in Cleveland, Ohio

It was a movement that was started to rid the country of beer and liquor and an end to the abuse and suffering that families had to endure as a result of men who spent too much time and money in saloons.

One of their most successful ways of fundraising was to raffle and sell quilts.

Although the Pattern originated in England the W.C.T.U. renamed it the Drunkard’s Path as a testament to their work and cause.

It is also known as Drunkard’s Walk, Wanderer in the Wilderness, Rob Peter to Pay Paul, or Mill Wheel. The Amish later called it Solomon’s Puzzle or Old Maid’s Puzzle.

Modern Day “Drunkard’s Path” quilt made in the hoop , machine embroidery

Ugly name but beautiful quilting .. these days with the aid of our clever embroidery machines we can reproduce these stunning quilts quickly and easily . All the appliqué, quilting and embroidery are all done in the hoops of our machines.

Traditional appearance with modern methods

How lucky are we today to be able to make these quilts so easily . Modern machine embroidery does not seek to wipe out the traditional methods of making these wonderful heirlooms but more to give us ‘time poor’ quilters an easier way to produce something equally as beautiful.

Easy instructions and detailed photos

Our “Drunkard’s Path” design comes with all the instructions you need to make your own beautiful quilt with the ugly name .

Drunkard's path block and quilt 4×4 5×5 6×6 7×7 in the hoop machine embroidery design





Sweet Pea’s “Superheroes”

Everyone needs a Superhero in their life right ?

This gorgeous quilt design will definitely please that special child in your life.

This quilt will be the armour to protect your child from the monsters of their nightmares.

This quilt will transfer it’s Super Powers to its owner and protect them in their sleep

This gorgeous quilt comes with nine different blocks for the 5×5, 6×6 and 7×7 hoops . This is a machine embroidery design and all sizes are included in your purchase.

Full instructions are provided to create your own quilt like the one we have made or decide on your own arrangement.

It is quick and easy to sew making them perfect for craft market stalls, gifts or for your own child.

Full photo instructions and directions are included with your purchase.

It is our intention to offer you the best service always and for our designs to be the highest quality in the market.

Superhero quilt 5x5 6x6 and 7x7 in the hoop machine embroidery design

Get your child  his/her own  “Super Power ‘ …..     this awesome quilt can be customized to suit their own unique personality ……

Superhero quilt in the hoop 5×5 6×6 7×7 machine embroidery design


Designs come in all formats except ART.  For eg pes, hus, sew, xxx, jef, vp3, vip, mit, dat , exp, dst etc

SVG and FCM files are included for the Silhouette and Scan n Cut machines.


Spring Designs… ‘in the hoop’ Machine Embroidery


Whilst our Northern friends are heading into their Season of Fall / Autumn we in the Southern hemisphere are about to Spring into our warmer months. We are thinking about venturing out into the freshness of the Spring where the light warm breeze remind us that Summer is only around the corner. Spring is a blissful Season full of the promise of longer day and warmer nights. Nature awakens and the air is filled with the sounds of birds and the perfume of flowers.

JD element 12

With spring in the air  we thought we would share some of our favorite designs we have seen posted in our Sweet Pea Facebook group.

facebook symbol

These are all machine embroidery designs made in the hoop (with some assembly required with a regular sewing machine).

JD element 13

There is nothing better than the colours of Spring to get you invigorated and inspired.

Please take time to have a look at our Spring Designs video and  get inspiration for your next ‘in the hoop’ machine embroidery project.


for lots more design inspiration for your next Spring machine embroidery project……  http://swpea.com/

JD element 2b