Using Kam Snaps

KAM snaps are a very quick and easy way to apply fasteners to a project.

They can made of a strong and durable type of plastic  or metal.

The requirements to make a Kam snap fastener are

. Kam Snap Hand held Pliers.(Hand held Pliers are fine for the plastic snaps and a table press for metal snaps)

. Kam snaps – either plastic or metal .

. Kam Dies – Dies are the pieces which hold the snap parts in place in the pliers and table press.  They come in different sizes to correspond with different sized Kam snaps/

. An Awl ( sharp tool for making holes in leather) or something sharp enough to make a small tidy hole


To fasten with Kam snaps. You need a set of snaps .

Each set has two halves.

One half has a cap with prong plus a ‘socket’ fitting.

The other half has a cap with prong plus a ‘stud’ fitting

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Example of how to attach Kam snaps on our Monkey Bib design


Using an Awl or sharp tool , make a small tidy hole completely through the fabric


Insert the prong of the cap through the hole you made and slip the ‘stud’ fitting on the prong on the other side.  Now with the pliers fit the press with the ‘Die’ over the cap and clamp down firmly , using a solid surface to help support the pliers while you clamp down with them.


Repeat with the other side of the fastener clamping the prong of the cap and the ‘socket’ fitting this time


Now you can enjoy your finished product with this easy to use fastening system.

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Inserting a pocket into the lining of a bag

 You can make a simple pocket to put on the lining of your

Bag /tote as large or small as you like and it will vary depending

on the size of your bag/tote.



Cut 2 rectangles of fabric 1 inch larger (widthways and lengthways) than the dimensions you wish your finished pocket to be.

blog 1


Cut 1 iron on interfacing 1 inch larger (widthways and lengthways) than the dimensions you wish your finished pocket to be.

blog 3


STEP 1.   Iron the interfacing to the back of one fabric piece.

blog 4



STEP 2.   Pin the fabric pieces right sides together and stitch around all four sides leaving a small 7.5cm (3”) section on one long side open for turning.


STEP 3. Trim the seams to ¼“ and clip the corners and turn right side out.

STEP 4. Iron the pocket taking care to turn in and iron the seam allowance of the opening as well. This will be stitched closed when the pocket is attached to the lining in step # 8

blog 7

Now it is time to mark any divisions in the pocket.

STEP 5. Use tailor’s chalk or a water soluble pen to mark the dividing lines.

blog 8

We have used 2 lines, one in the centre and another one inch from the first mark. This will make 2 sections and a slot for a pen.

blog 9



STEP 6. When pinning the pocket onto the lining, position it so that the open section (left open for turning earlier) is the bottom of pocket.

Line up the centre of the pocket up with the centre of the lining about 2- 2.5 inches down from the top raw edge of the lining.

blog 11

blog 10

STEP 7. Pin in place.

blog 12

STEP 8. Stitch along sides and bottom and along marked lines.

blog 14

STEP 9. Repeat stitching to reinforce the pocket.


You are now ready to sew the sides of your lining together and proceed with the individual Sweet Pea bag/tote instructions.

blog 15

blog 17

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