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I am Allison Nash and I am the owner of Sweet Pea Machine Embroidery Designs.  I am also the head designer, the only designer in fact. Why only have the one designer you may ask. Well…. I have a very distinct vision of the designs I want to produce and present to my customers.

I have been involved in sewing, quilting and embroidery way longer than I have been a designer.  Since I was about 5 in fact. When I first purchased my embroidery machine I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it. I figured I had the ‘normal’ sewing machine and the overlocker/serger machine. It was just a natural progression to acquire an embroidery machine.

The After Glow….. Fast track quite a few months after the purchase…. my embroidery machine now sat forlornly on my sewing table. I had embroidered monograms on nearly every fabric item in my house and I was starting to feel guilty about all the money I had spent on the machine.

I decided to try to make some money by selling what I was embroidering at the markets. Problem was, I wasn’t making things that I liked and couldn’t find the sort of designs I wanted to do them.

I started dabbling in digitizing some pretty appliques to use and then I stumbled on the “in the hoop’ technique. It intrigued me, I could not get my head around how this embroidery machine could do “straight lines”. Before I knew it, I was making small items like coasters and then progressed onto little zipper purses. Then I spent a long time learning how to digitize them for myself.

I then started selling a few designs on Etsy and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of interest I was receiving in my product. It then occurred to me that if I had had this experience with my embroidery machine… Well perhaps others had as well.

I was producing more and more designs and my friends and family kept telling me I could sell them….

The Birth…. of Sweet Pea Machine Embroidery … early 2015 and I haven’t had time to look back.



  1. Your enthusiasm and vision quench my creative thirst. I love to make things but lack the vision. Once I see it then I’m off to the races. I love your project ideas and designs. Your web site is fabulous.

  2. Hi there allison!greetings from san antonio texas! I was wondering where the name Sweet Pea embroidery came from and…I absolutely love making children’s in the hoop quiet books. I have purchased all that I could find on the internet. Have you had any thoughts about creating one?

  3. I’m so thankful for your designs. They have helped make quicker and more precise work of making quilts. Keep up with your vision and keep those beautiful designs coming. Yours are my favorite.

  4. Thank you Allison for all the great designs, I am very happy to have found your web site, it is keeping me busy.

  5. Beautiful designs. Now if you could pass out some round-to-its”, so I can get around to sewing then I would be in great shape and my fabric stash would be going down in size

  6. Most embroidery places cater to kids. I don’t have little kids or little grand kids for that matter. When I found Sweet Pea I was so happy, finally embroidery designs for the adult. I have made so many of the purses, table runners, pillows and placemats. One pattern can lead you in so many directions. Thank you Allison Nash!!!!

    • Thanks

      Thanks for the compliments Barb. I try and have a variety of designs which hopefully will please everyone. Great job is making all those items. It’s a fun hobby isn’t it . I have lots of new designs I will be releasing soon. A good way to find out about them is my weekly newsletter if you haven’t subscribed already 😀

  7. Thanks for sharing Allison keep the juices flowing I love your designs especially as they are truly Australian made.

    • Thanks Sue. I am glad you like them. I am very proud to be an Australian doing these designs. We will be in the USA very soon flying the Aussie flag and exhibiting in Houston Tx.

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